When we asked a few people who use Swift they said:

"I was recently involved in a team looking at software options for an insurance broker client. We considered two pieces of software one of which was not user-friendly enough. The other had all the features but they were mostly optional 'bolt-ons' – we thought there was likely to be too many problems with a 'bolt-on' system. Then we trialled Swift, showed it to the client and they loved it. The main benefit for them is in being able to work from anywhere without having to connect to a server or run software direct from their own computer."
Broker & Branch Manager

"Swift is so logical and it's really easy to find your way around the system. The accounting side is so much easier than what we were using previously too – we can even tell the date our clients paid their account. Data input with our old system was complex and involved too many steps – it was cumbersome and time-consuming for the high volume of processing we do. Swift deals with our workload with ease. As far as we're concerned, if you're a company specialising in small to medium sized accounts, Swift is the answer."
Domestic Insurance Broker


Broker / Manager
"The reporting information that comes from Swift is wonderful. In my old system you had to print two reports and got two different figures to cover the same data."

3rd Parties

Swift is supported and managed by independent parties Tenzing and Revera.