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Security & Backup

How secure is my data?

Very secure. The service provider that hosts Swift uses similar security measures to New Zealand Police and many large banks offering internet banking. At all times you control access to your Swift data.

Can IBT access my data?

Only if you allow it. IBT don't have access unless you provide them with logon details. The only time this may be required is if you want an IBT support person to assist with a support enquiry directly within Swift. In this type of circumstance the choice is yours to supply a temporary logon to the IBT support person concerned. If this situation occurs the IBT support person will work through the issue with you both online and telephone. Once the support issue has been resolved we recommend you immediately change the temporary logon you issued.

Can another Broker company see my data?

Absolutely not. The design of Swift incorporates rigid security protocols to ensure no other Broker company can access your data without your permission.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

The service provider hosting Swift is fully protected against power failure – enabling them to keep functioning for an indefinite period. These backup power systems take over automatically and seamlessly if normal power supply ceases. However, in the event of a power failure in your local area, it is possible your computer may stop working unless you have battery backup. If this does happen, the 'worst case' is that you will lose any data entered since last saving. Because the data you input is saved each time you move to another screen the most data you could lose in this scenario is one screen of data. To continue working you could do so from another location with internet access eg: a cyber café, etc.

How is my data backed up?

Every day your data is backed-up 'live', without interruption to service, using high volume tape backups. All backup tapes are taken to an offsite secure storage facility each day.

Can Swift and/or my data be infected with a virus?

In short, no. A computer virus is essentially a small program that performs destructive functions. All data you input to Swift is captured within your browser within data fields. This data is transferred from your browser to the Swift data centre as text information. The structure and design of Swift prevents any program files from being input to Swift, and there are also security measures at the ASP that scan for and block any potential virus.

System Requirements

What computer hardware do I need?

Any desktop or laptop computer running Windows XP or 7 and Internet Explorer v6.0 through v9.0. (Support for Windows 8 / IE10 is in beta testing). Touch screen functionality on tablets is not supported. Recommended minimum is PIII 500Mhz with 64Mb RAM and above.

What sort of internet connection do I need?

ADSL (broadband), fibre or another high-speed web connection is recommended.

What sort of internet browser software do I need?

In order to properly use SWIFT you’ll need Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 or above. Swift isn’t supported on earlier versions of IE or any other browser, although work is underway to make Swift browser agnostic. Please contact us for an updated status, should this be of particular interest to you.

To view reports you'll also require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded FREE here

Using Swift

How do I start using Swift?

It's easy. Just contact Insurance Broker Technology Ltd (IBT) and we'll get you running on Swift in no time.

How can I get my existing data into Swift?

In most instances, if you provide your current client/policy data in a suitable electronic format, we should be able to load that data directly into Swift.

What does Swift cost?

Swift offers competitive pricing and payment terms. Our pricing is best suited to companies with eight or more users and a premium income of $3m+. For an estimate or quote email or click here to send us a message.

Is Swift easy to use?

Very easy. The user-interface is extremely intuitive and day-to-day broking processes are streamlined to save time, and improve your bottom-line.

Can I have more than one screen open at a time?

Yes, as many as you like. Because Swift is a browser-based application you can have multiple browser windows open at the same time – all accessing Swift – and all performing different functions. We recommend users open at least one additional browser window to enable this.

What underwriters are shareholders in IBT/Swift?

None. IBT is a privately owned company and there are no shareholdings owned by any underwriting companies.

What underwriters are available via Swift for domestic risk auto-rating?

Auto-rating functionality is available with NZI, Vero, and AMP.

What 'help' documentation is available?

A comprehensive online help system can be accessed from within Swift.

Easy to access and use

Swift has been designed with brokers in mind. It’s a complete insurance solution that helps improve customer service. Contact us today to talk to us about how Swift can make your business more efficient.

3rd Parties

Swift is supported and managed by independent parties Tenzing and Revera.